One of the things I like to teach people at conferences is that you can't have a million dollar dream with a minimum wage work ethic. So, how do you develop the qualities needed to go after your million dollar dream? I'll tell you.
You start with YOU.
Things around you will start changing when you learn to lead yourself.
Whether it's your family, your career or your church, how you lead yourself makes all the difference. Because if you wouldn't follow yourself, why would anyone else?
I want to talk to you about HOW to grow yourself, but before I do, I want you to see the power that comes from this. When I started developing myself, I went from:
  • Listening to the Radio, to being on the Radio
  • Attending conferences, to speaking at conferences
  • Watching television, to hosting my own television show
HOW? The most successful people in the world have routines and habits to grow themselves. From Richard Branson and Tony Robbins to CEO's, celebrities, and pro athletes, these people have something in common. They get up just a little bit earlier to invest in themselves. It could be praying, exercising or reading, but successful people do something everyday to take them closer to their dreams.
THIS is what great leaders do.
Not one time has anyone complained that I'm not spending time with them at 5am. Every morning you have an opportunity to get up and invest in yourself.
As you grow, everything around you will grow.
Your career, finances and even relationships will GROW.
These simple habits enabled me to distinguish myself. I want to show you how you too can distinguish yourself from average.
What's one thing you could get up earlier and start doing that you know would make a difference in your life?
Praying for you and cheering you on!

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Amy is always seeking new and innovative ways to build her brand, including ways to help encourage other leaders and entrepreneurs. Amy is a highly sought after public speaker who is energetic and full of life.

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