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As your partner and coach, I will support you in understanding and removing what is in the way of your desires. I will challenge you to say “no” to going through the motions of life and enthusiastically say “yes” to the miracles that are available to you. We begin by taking an overview of your life and identifying areas that need action and/or attention. I will assist you in establishing clear, concrete, measurable goals and support you in connecting to your own inner wisdom. There is nothing you cannot shift. You are capable of so much more than you know or are currently creating.

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Whether you have a specific goal or are seeking general guidance, our relationship will evolve in a way that best supports you. I hold you accountable to a plan that is manageable and created especially for you because I do not believe there is a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to coaching. I do not solve your problems, but guide you into solving them on your own. I listen with understanding and 100% confidentiality. My relationships with my clients are intimate, honest, and rewarding.


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Here’s what clients are saying about Amy's Consulting

  • I had the pleasure of having Amy present at my Inspire Event for Women. She was AMAZING! Not a dry eye in her inspirational class!! So many women came to me and said that Amy had changed their life by her presentation. I can't wait to have her again!? Amy truly is a gift from God. Her trials and triumphs in life have and will continue to help those around Her!

    Sandra Howell

  • Amy is amazing, in so many ways! It will be hard to describe all of the many ways she has already changed my life, because she approaches so many different parts of life from the same centered, intelligent, informed, holistic, and healthy-focused, purposeful framework. I was initially looking for help with diet and exercise, and Amy has certainly helped with that, and then some, but she has also helped me understand a broader, more inter-connectedness spectrum of thought, habits, nutrition, education, activities, and well-being. She has an amazing amount of knowledge, and she is a patient teacher who pays attention to a particular individual's needs and life dynamics, and helps structure a plan that can work, realistically, and thus, successfully. I am still working with Amy and would recommend her strongly.

    Sean H

  • Amy is a fantastic business and life coach. She is extremely attentive and knowledgeable. She helps you set goals and create a plan for reaching them that is right for you. Amy also makes sure to check in often to keep you on track. She has helped me with my health, habits, relationships and business.

    Wesley J

  • Amy is a fantastic motivational speaker! We had her come and speak to our group and her ideas and advice were spot-on!! We meet annually and will have Amy on the program every year! Great job, very uplifting and we loved your humor!!!!

    Gail T

  • She has been Great! She was always on time and on point with our discussions. She has helped me organize and prioritize goals and problems in my life. She has helped me focus on what is really important.

    Andy S

  • Amy was great! She was on time, friendly, interactive, engaging, positive and very well prepared for her audience. She was very professional and it was my pleasure to get to know and do business with her. Thank you, Amy! You were wonderful!

    Jody K

  • I love how Amy helped to get on the right track in my life ... she knows how to motivate and inspire you .Thanks Amy

    Vanna H

  • Very very pleased with the excellent counseling I receive from Amy. She is very inteligent, insightful, honest and caring. She is professional and I highly recommend her.

    Ray H

Life Coach

Amy is always seeking new and innovative ways to build her brand, including ways to help encourage other leaders and entrepreneurs. Amy is a highly sought after public speaker who is energetic and full of life.

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